About Us

Welcome to kangaroodroi

kangaroodroi is an international B2C online fashion shopping destination. kangaroodroi has gained recognition from its male customers over the years and has been producing quality products with the philosophy that "men should treat themselves well".

In 1983, it was recognized that kangaroodroi needed a logo to distinguish this world famous product. The factory had been experimenting with logos and sent out a whole batch of them for his review. These logos ranged from crocodiles to horses and turtles. Americans have been entering stores asking for "kangaroo" hats. So, instead of trying to fight it, kangaroodroi incorporated the kangaroo into the logo.

kangaroodroi is more than just a fashion brand. kangaroodroi is a cultural fashion fusion that takes the best of traditional and vintage hip-hop and blends it with the future of fashion. kangaroodroi seeks to meet the needs of a new generation of consumers without abandoning, forsaking or alienating those who have brought it to where it is today. This is reflected in the mutual respect that exists between kangaroodroi and the talented and influential people the brand works with. Over the past decade, kangaroodroi has worked with Antoni & Alison, ALIFE, Hiroshi Fujiwara, D*Face, Apishangel, Pure Evil, SSUR, Stereo Sound Agency, Commes Des Garçons, INSA, Evil Monito, Katherine Hamnet, Married to the MOB and Catherine Malandrino.